ProLearn Corporate Solutions is a brand based on the

  •  INTEGRITY. We perform to the highest standards and provide exceptional value to our clients. We are committed to honesty and upholding the standards of excellence we believe in as a brand.
  • CREATIVITY. We treasure ingenuity and original ideas – and of course, presenting those ideas in ways that learners LOVE to receive.
  • A COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. We maintain consistent and dependable processes for every project. We deliver care, encouragement, and enthusiasm for every client.
How we began….
 We began for love of learning. For teaching. For online courses and digital learning programs that make a difference in the business world. ProLearn Corporate Solutions was born from Tracie’s desire to share her enthusiasm for creating online courses that actually TEACH – a skill that she has mastered after more than 20 years of experience in academia and corporate learning. 

Tracie Ray, PhD

Managing Director

Tracie is the Founder and Managing Director at ProLearn Corporate Solutions, LLC.
She has over 20 years in the education sector and corporate learning and development.
She has a PhD in Education from Northcentral University as well as
a master's degree in Accounting and a master's degree in
Human Resource Management from Strayer University.